Monopoly Option

This is your basic monopoly game. Best suited for human multiplayer play. Just pass the mouse from player to player. Computer player(s), if used, are not ambitious or smart.

NOTE: This is a fast, cut throat style version. Everyone starts with $3,000, rather than the usual $1,500.

You DO NOT need to own all properties in a colour group to build. You can build with just one property. Computer players take full advantage of this and will build quickly. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Houses/Hotels cost more. (easier to upgrade cheaper properties)

Community Chest/Chance rewards and payments are more.

Utility rent goes from 4x to 10x for one and from 10x to 20x for owning both.

Railroad rents: 1 - $50, 2 - $100, 3- $200, and owning all 4 - $400.

This game is best suited for a single human player who likes quick games, although multi-human players will work. (just pass the mouse) Add as many computer players as you like up to of 7 players combined.

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