Texas Hold em

The Classic version is slightly modified from the original script.

New deck of cards are easier to see. Changed layout a bit.

Other than that, everything else is original.

The Monster Version is my attempt to add a little spice to a typical Texas Holdem Poker game. Instead of playing for money, you will be playing for Life. Example: You don’t “Bust”. You are “Defeated”

The Monster Version ALSO does NOT use a standard deck of cards. Yes, Ace to King is used, but there are NO suits. Instead, colours are used as suits. Example: Instead of “Hearts”, the “King of Hearts” might be a Blue “K”. The “King of Spades” might be a Green “K”. I’ve done this to try to make things a little more challenging.

The author of the original version of this game (called “Classic Version” here) decided a rewrite was in order. This version (I call “Version 2”) is quite nice. Give it a try.

You can download it here.

From the Author:

What is this about really?

I just wanted to make a ‘program’ using javascript, CSS and HTML.
Feel free to download the source code, modify it and learn in the process.

Where is the project?



Just because you can win against these robots does not mean that
you are a poker pro. Betting and risking to lose your own money
against other people is a completely different thing.